About Us

About Us


Mid Staffordshire Mencap was formed as a charity in 1968 as a group that lobbied against the closure of day and residential services.

It went on to become a support group which offered help to people with learning disabilities. It eventually registered as a company in 2002.


Independence – we support the rights of our clients to live an independent lifestyle as possible.

Choice – we encourage our clients to make an informed choice of the support they want provided and the way they want to receive it.

Justice and equality – None of our client’s should be disadvantaged and treated unfairly because of their disability.

Dignity and respect – All our clients will be treated with the dignity and respect which they deserve

Talent – All our clients will be encouraged to develop and use their own natural skills and talents.

Responsiveness – BEAM will respond in a timely fashion without undue delay to the needs of our clients.

Our stated aims

Support of people with learning disabilities, their carers and family. Help children and adults with learning disabilities to live an independent a life as possible within the community. Act as a resource for parents and carers, providing them with information, advocacy and practical support. Provide opportunities for people learning disability to enjoy leisure time.